Killara Early Childhood Carecare

Killara childcare is located in the heart of Kenya’s rural communities. The town has a well-developed infrastructure, with state of the art primary and secondary schools, day care centers, preschools, nurseries, health centers, orphanages, primary health departments, and several medical clinics. The majority of the children that come to Killara early learning childcare are from the Lower Diversitaries and are either indigenous or from the islands. This predominantly rural town was historically, colonially, and culturally occupied by the Natives and other tribes of the Masai, Pokot and Turkana peoples. Today, the majority of residents are from the towns of Kayan and Mombasa. Read more


Located at approximately twenty-three kilometres from the capital city of Nairobi, the Killara early learning childcare centre prides itself on providing quality education, health services and counselling to children in their early years. There are two schools, a preschool, and a nursery within the Killara facilities. The preschool and nursery offer different teaching styles, preschool curriculum, music classes, and childcare services. At any time during the week, parents can pick up a child from one of the three Killara centres for a specialized session with an environmental psychologist or pediatrician. The Killara centre also provides parents assistance with preparing meals, bathing their children, dressing them, brushing teeth, using the toilet, sorting clothes and doing other daily tasks.


The Killara early learning childcare also offers English as a second language program, which is offered in addition to the regular curriculum. In addition to the Killara centre, there are several other primary health centres and nurseries across the rest of the city. Parents may choose to send their child to these centres if the child is unwell or at risk from sickness. The nursery offers care for infants and young children from birth to the age of two.