The Benefits Of Booking Luxury Accommodation In The Mudgee

mudgee luxury accommodation

The Mudgee is located near the town of Sliema in the county of Munster. It has been around since the 17th Century and was originally a village that included a chapel and was known for its yearly ‘Mudgee Fair’. The Mudgee today remains true to its roots, still hosting a large number of visitors who come to sample the unique traditional Irish culture that still abounds in the village. Luxury accommodation in the Mudgee is available in many different forms, ranging from the more budget friendly self catering apartments to the more exclusive and private holiday homes and villas. Many visitors like to book a ‘house’ or ‘villa’ as they are more easily able to combine a stay in one of these with a visit to the local attractions in the area, including the Mudgee Aquarium and Celtic Sea or the famous Monmouth Zoo.


When choosing a Mudgee luxury accommodation, you will have several different options to choose from. If you are planning on taking a long weekend away, there are plenty of cheap self catering apartments and holiday cottages that are available. During the summer months (from May to September), there are also plenty of villas and self-catering apartments that can be booked by tourists looking for an extended stay. There are also plenty of traditionally themed hotels that offer visitors a choice of staying in their own property or visiting the themed accommodation elsewhere in the area. For those who prefer to sample something a little bit more traditional, a traditional Irish breakfast is always popular. There are also a number of bed and breakfasts in the area.


Another benefit of booking a luxury accommodation in the Mudgee is that you are able to experience the authentic, traditional Irish cuisine. There are a number of restaurants that offer a variety of dishes, but some of the more popular options are the O’avan restaurant that serves up some of the best seafood you’ll ever have in Ireland, The Captain’s Pub where you can enjoy a pint in the garden and a meal cooked on the roof. In Munster, you have the option of enjoying traditional Irish food, or sampling some of the global flavours of food prepared with local ingredients. If you’re staying in one of the many self catering apartments in Munster, you don’t have to eat out all the time, you can always cook for yourself. Many of these holiday properties are set in beautifully landscaped gardens and surrounded by beautiful scenery.