Why is Marketing Fails So Often in Business?

Are you asking yourself, “Why is marketing fails so frequently?” Or do you feel that marketing has failed to live up to its billing and that you can’t believe a thing that happens in your business? If so, then you’re not alone; 97% of businesses say that marketing is the single most important factor that determines the success or failure of their businesses.

Why is marketing fails so frequently?

So, why is marketing fails so often? Is marketing truly a goal or have you just blindly walked into an industry that didn’t pay attention to what they were offering to do it right? Perhaps, marketers themselves don’t know what to look for in an effective marketing campaign and so they don’t even recognize what the real problem is when it comes to failing. When marketing fails so often, you also wonder whether marketers really did it all on purpose. And if so, does the saying, Any publicity is good publicity actually ring true for you?

You see, marketing fails because it’s almost impossible for marketers to understand the psyche of their target audience. For instance, let’s say that you are running a website selling jewelry. Let’s also assume that you have this fantastic Facebook page that’s getting all kinds of traffic, and this particular page is actually earning you quite a bit of revenue every day as well. So if you have an effective marketing campaign in place that engages your audience, Facebook will be able to help you market your products to a targeted group of people who have expressed some interest in purchasing jewelry on Facebook, but because no one knows anything about marketing or what motivates buyers, your page just sits there doing nothing.