Mexican Car Insurance For Canadian Tourists

There are several different types of Mexican car insurance for Canadian tourists. In order to drive in Mexico, one would need a valid Mexican driving license and proof that the consumer is not in default of any previous traffic offenses in the United States. The consumer would also need to ensure that the vehicle that they are driving has been thoroughly inspected by the Mexican insurance company to make sure that there are no broken parts or dangerous components that could pose a risk to the lives of the consumer and their Canadian guests. Most of these requirements are common sense in doing all one needs to do to ensure a safe and satisfying journey for a trip of any length.

How I Improved My Mexican Car Insurance For Canadian Tourists In One Day

One type of auto insurance for Canadian tourist is called EZ pass. This type of Mexican auto insurance requires that one use an electronic device such as a passport to register the vehicle. Once registered, one will receive a special toll free number to use to purchase any Mexican coverage products such as auto insurance. The toll free number will be provided by the Mexican Insurance Store. In order to receive a Mexican discount on this type of auto insurance, it is wise to purchase the complete Mexican policy at the Mexican Auto Insurance Store.

Another type of auto insurance for Canadian tourist is a Mexican comprehensive auto insurance policy. Although much like an EZ pass, a comprehensive policy would require proof of citizenship in order to register the vehicle. Once insured, the consumer would be required to purchase Mexican insurance that is specific to the vehicle being insured. A person who purchases a Mexican policy and then turns around and sells it to a buyer in the United States would not be able to use the same Mexican auto insurance plan in the United States. Because of these clauses, a comprehensive policy is much like buying a one-time policy which provides protection for a specific time frame.