High Jump Landing Mats are a leading high jump landing mat brand in NR28 9 to cater to many recreational sports and leisure centres, schools and other sporting venues. These mats are made by Top Jumper, a company which specialises in recreational sport activities and equipment. The High Jump Landing Matting is the original jumping mat used by the British National Team and is known to provide comfort, performance, safety and reliability during sporting activities. High Jump Landing Mats are made from high density polyethylene and polypropylene foams and rubberized cushion covers.

High Jump Landing Mats – What Are They and Why Are They So Effective?

High Jump Landing Mats can be used at both the primary and secondary school levels, which is ideal for students in recreational sports such as basketball, rugby and soccer. High Jump Landing Mats are available in various sizes and are manufactured to cater for different playing fields including artificial turf and grass, providing safety to the students. Many educational institutions have also begun using high jump landing mats for various purposes including weight bearing training, for those participating in school and college sports, or for general fitness and conditioning. High jump landing mats are used by sportsmen who require maximum absorbing capabilities for sprinting distances, for example sprinters and long jumpers. High jump landing mats can also be used for rehabilitation after an injury by reducing the stress placed on joints, ligaments and muscles during active participation.

The use of High Jump Landing Mats has helped to reduce injuries in children who play sports and other activities which are played in outdoor surrounding areas such as basketball courts, tennis courts, football pitches and skateboards. Skateboard parks are also built with these mats, which helps keep costs of maintenance and construction down. The use of a High Jump Landing Mat is also helping to create improved green spaces around recreational centres. These areas offer seating and places for people to relax, play games and hang out. Some other industries which can benefit from this include restaurants, cafes, hotel lounges and golf courses which can all save money when people do not have to pay for sports fees to use these areas.


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