Podiatry has always been a part of the overall health care in the world. This practice involves the study, diagnosis, correction, and prevention of human foot disorders, diseases, and deformities. The entire scope of podiatry is vast and covers a wide range of diseases of the foot from simple bruises to necrotic diseases. Podiatrists usually belong to one of the allied health professions which are known as athletic medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, or chiropractic. All these have one common denominator that is that podiatry also includes some form of physical therapy.

How to Do Podiatry Courses

There are several colleges in Australia that offer specialized courses for podiatry students. These courses cover all the aspects of podiatry Haberfield and also give the student a certification upon graduating. A very good program will give you an associate degree in a short period of time and this will enable you to get employment in various Australian Podiatry Schools. The courses also include both classroom work and practical lessons which ensure that the student gets the knowledge and the skills that he or she requires in order to start a career in podiatry.

Before you decide on a particular podiatry school, it is important to check whether the institution is accredited or not. Podiatry schools that are recognized by the Australian Health Practitioner Recognition Board (AHPRB) are highly regarded. In order to check if the college is accredited, one can contact the registrar of schools for that particular state to find out whether the college is recognized by the AHPRB or not. A list of accredited colleges along with their address, phone numbers and website can be found at the website of the Podiatry Education Foundation which is a part of the AHPRB.


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