A pattern maker is a person who creates designs on cloth or paper for use as a sewing machine pattern. They will create a design from a client’s specifications and then create the actual patterns with a sewing machine. Once the designs are created it will go onto a sewing machine that will be used to create the actual garments. This job is usually part of the tailor or seamstress job description. If you are interested in becoming a pattern maker, you should be aware that many people do not have their own pattern making equipment so they must either learn how to make the designs or buy their own equipment.

pattern maker

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When you become a pattern maker, you can either be an independent maker or work for someone else by being a seamstress or tailor. If you choose to be a seamstress, you will have a lot more freedom when it comes to designing but it may be necessary for you to buy your own pattern pieces and sewing machine. For example, if the client wants skirts that fit together then you will have to know how to cut the pattern pieces so that they will all fit together like a puzzle. A tailoring expert may be able to design a set of skirt that will not only fit together, but they will also look nice when they are put together.

If you choose to become a tailor or pattern maker, you will be responsible for creating patterns and putting them together for a customer. You can either sew them yourself or you can have a sewing machine to create them for you. Some tailoring experts even create digital patterns and photos for a customer. The most important skills for these makers are eye and hand coordination as well as the ability to sew professionally. This is one of the most popular careers today and it has many different branches such as fashion, academic, fashion design and home decorating designers.


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